Gran Alacant / Santa Pola

Gran Alacant lying north of the town of Santa Pola and situated only a few kilometres to Alicante airport and the beautiful city of Alicante itself. Gran Alacant is situated on the stunning coast of Alicante, with magnificient beaches of the mediterranean sea.

It is connected by bus to Santa Pola, Arenales del Sol, Alicante El Altet (airport) and it also has local bus service and tourist train.


Santa Pola

The town has an important salt evaporation pond known as the salines which remains in business, additionally, most of it is recognized as the Natural Park of Salines de Santa Pola, an important RAMSAR site. The town was settled over the ruins of a roman village called Portus Ilicitanus (literally, Harbour of Elche); after being abandoned for decades, then a castle was constructed in the 16th century which marked the repopulation of Santa Pola. The town has an archeological museum covering these phases.

Santa Pola is, at present, a coastal fishing and tourist town. Population more than doubles during the summer, with people coming mostly from the rest of the Alicante province, and also from the Basque autonomous community, Madrid, France and the UK etc. The nearby island of Tabarca (part of Alicante) can be visited by ship.

The new town of Gran Alacant, 5 km (3 mi) north of Santa Pola along the Alicante bay, accounts for about one third of the population of the district. Next to it is the Carabasi area, a nature reserve.