Welcome to this months newsletter and as usual it is packed with informative and not so informative articles about what is happening in Murcia and Spain in general. We have yet to see signs of the crisis here in Murcia as most families seem to have enough water and bread on their tables and the children are still fully clothed and do wear shoes. If you believed all the British press is would appear that the whole of Spain is living in poverty. The Murcia region is primarily a big fruit and vegetable exporter and with the local produce being sent all over Europe the local economy is not as bad as some areas of Spain. It is a fact that people still eat fruit and vegetables even in bad times.

The summer season is nearly over but have we had a busy , busy time with the savvy purchasers taking advantage of the discounted property prices and the British buyers benefiting from the extremely attractive exchange rate. We will have more about the property market below.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read this months newsletter and do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or have any queries.

Spanish Property Market Update

With the banks now reducing the prices of their repossessions by even more and the Bank of Spain instructing the banks that they need to sell the vast amount of properties that they hold now means that there has never been a better time to buy a property in Spain. 

As well as the bank properties it has been confirmed that 33,153 private vendors trying to sell their homes through the Spanish property portal dropped their asking prices in July, as vendor price expectations are driven down mercilessly by a combination of factors such as another recession and the on-going credit crunch.

Compared to July last year, 47pc more vendors in the Idealista database dropped their asking prices, making it clear that vendors are still struggling to find buyers at current asking prices.The average price reduction in July was 10.8pc, or 26,946 Euros.

Prices were reduced on 5.8pc of all the properties in the Idealista database.

7 billion Euros have been wiped off the value of asking prices in the Idealista database in the first 7 months of the year. If you want to take advantage of the price reductions confirm your property criteria and budget and we will send you a shortlist of suitable buys . For more information contact or go to

Worlds Largest Tomato Fight La Tomatina Takes Place Today in Valencia. 


What is La Tomatina and why would I want to go?
Picture this. You spend the morning enjoying pitchers of Sangria, toasting friends and enjoying the warming Spanish sun. You're dressed in your whitest of whites. You make your way out to the city's central street. After several valiant attempts, some drunk is able to climb the greased flagpole and remove a large ham from the top of it. That means it's GO TIME! Your turn, and just CREAM those friends of yours in the face with slightly overripe, squished tomatoes! Yes, you're in the world's largest tomato fight, and you're holding your own. Drinking and throwing tomatoes at your best friend. What could be better? It's the end of the growing season, and they pour millions of pounds of surplus tomatoes into the city streets, to be fought over by drunken Spaniards and a few brave tourists.

I could not imagine anything like this happening in the UK , the health and safety officer would certainly not allow the guy up the greasy flagpole after his 10 pints of Stella or the potential of some punter getting clobbered with the falling leg of ham. It can only happen in Spain.

Chersun YouTube Channel Views Hit 17000.


The Chersun Properties YOUTUBE Channel has received 17000 views of our properties. 

With all our new property listings being video toured you can see the properties as if you were actually walking around inside.

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Spanish Scientist says Urine Can Help Stop Global Warming.

Manuel Jimenez Aguilar from the Andalucía Research and Training Institute of Agriculture and Fisheries of the regional government has observed that absorbing large quantities of Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse gasses currently present in cities would require million tonnes of some naturally occurring substance.

Urine is, he says, the ideal solution because the Ocean, the ground rocks, and trees act as carbon drains but these are far from places where Greenhouse gasses are concentrated.
'For every molecule of urea in urine, one mole (which is a chemical unit to measure the quantity of a substance) of ammonium bicarbonate is produced with a mole of ammonia which could be used to absorb one mole of carbon dioxide'.

You can tell this researcher comes from Andalucía. He says including a small proportion of olive production waste water will stop the urine from decomposing for more than six months. He says that the created fluid can be inserted into domestic and industrial chimneys to increase their capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide.

'In developing countries this nutrient recovery system could be implemented thanks to its environmental advantages If urine and faeces are recycled here and there, then as much as 20 litres person per day could be saved and this would reduce waste water treatment costs'.

I am just about to put my application into Dragons Den to try and get some investment for my new chimney urinal.

Paramount Theme Park and Corvera International Airport Latest News or Lack of it.

Unfortunately not a lot of news with regards to the Paramount Theme Park and the Corvera International airport.

With the holiday season and most of Spain closing down in August there has been no further developments with both projects.

The airport is all ready to open but I believe they are waiting on a licence to start flights. It is pretty impressive and the new road network into the airport is already operational.

The Paramount Theme Park is still trying to attract investors and in todays economic climate it is a hard sell trying to raise 100 millio euros, although a figure of approximately 25 million euros has been raised already.

I am sure that once the airport opens this will attract more investment in the Theme Park . For up to date information about the Paramount Theme Park visit

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