Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year From Chersun Properties


We at Chersun Properties wish you and your family a very Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year . This year has been difficult with the economic situation but we are firm believers if you have a smile on your face and treat people, family and friends the way that you like to be treated then it makes life a lot easier and happier .

There is nothing better than having a good laugh and joke and that is the way we approach life at Chersun. With this year coming to an end we can all look forward to a great festive season and a prosperous 2013.

With this our final newsletter of 2012 we look back on the funny moments and events in 2012. Enjoy. 

The Athletes Who Did Not Make The Olympics.
We all loved the London Olympics it was a great success and exceeded all our expectations. The worlds best athletes on display in London 2012 was truly a memorable event that will live with us for ever.

However as you will see from the video clip below there were many other athletes who did not reach the highs of the Olympics and are still recovering from the disappointments.
Olympic Sports Fail Compilation 2012

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Bradley Wiggins First British Rider To Win The Tour De France - Exclusive What you did not see on the Tour De France.
What a performance by Bradley Wiggins and his Sky Team in winning the most grueling bike road race in the World , the Tour de France. With over 3 weeks of cycling over more than 3000 km it is without a doubt one of the hardest races in the world to win.

There are some funny moments in the tour that are captured in the video below , enjoy and get on your bike.

View Video Here

Xmas Party Season - Beware Excess Alcohol Can Seriously Damage Your Reputation.
With the party season under way it is important to remember that alcohol does not make you invisible and that your reputation can seriously be damaged by drinking too much and making an absolute fool of yourself.

It should also be noted that due to modern technology and social media a video of you attempting the Gangyam Style dance routine in your red y fronts can be broadcast worldwide within minutes.

You have be warned , there is nothing worse that a bad hangover and news that your dance has gone viral around the world. Have a great party season and look forward to seeing you on facebook and youtube.

The Idiots Guide To Wrapping Xmas Presents .

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Okay, we've all seen the iconic Christmas images of a tree surrounded by perfectly wrapped presents in films and on Christmas cards, but is it really true to life? Well now it can be by following our simple guide to wrapping your christmas presents, no more dog eared looking presents that are coming unwrapped by Christmas Eve.

Step 1
Be organised, don't leave it until last thing on Christmas Eve, there is nothing worse than the unnecessary stress of time constraints. Put on some Christmas music, pour a glass of mulled wine and have the mince pies to hand. Do not drink all the mulled wine first as this can seriosuly complicate teh wrapping process.

Step 2
Gather all the materials you need, wrapping paper, scissors, sellotape, ribbon and obviously the gifts to be wrapped.Plus the first aid kit to deal with cuts etc.

Step 3
Remove price tag (unless you've gone really overboard and you want the recipient to know), and place gift along the length of the wrapping paper, then unroll enough wrapping paper to wrap over gift leaving about a 2 inch overlap. Check there is enough paper at each end to cover the gift completely when folded over them.

Step 4
Now cut the paper in the relevant place, use a pencil to mark where to cut the paper (as determined in Step 3). Then cut the paper, to help keep your cutting straight either fold the paper or use a long ruler.

Step 5
Check the paper at each end, if there is an excess trim away. You should be left with enough paper to cover the ends, but not too much it makes folding into flaps difficult, if this is not the case, then go back to step 2 and maybe ease of the mulled wine.

Step 6
Open out the cut piece of paper and place the gift in the centre upside down on the unprinted side of the paper (Obvious I know, but there's always one!)

Step 7
Bring one lengthwise edge of the wrapping paper to the centre of the gift and secure to gift with tape. Fold under 1 inch of the opposite lengthwise edge and bring to the centre, then tape down the full length of the edge.

Step 8
Turn the half wrapped gift so that one short end is facing you. Hold the left and right edge of the wrapping paper and push the sides in to form flaps top and bottom, ensuring sharp creases. Tape the edges to the gift.

Step 9
Fold down the top flap and tape to gift, repeat with the bottom flap.

Step 10
Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other end of the gift.

Step 11
With the gift seam side up, place a ribbon lengthwise under the gift and bring it up over the gift. At the point where the ribbon meets cross the ribbon over and wrap widthwise over the gift.

Step 12
Turn the gift over, unless you can tie a ribbon upside down, and tie the ribbon in a bow in the centre of the gift.

Step 13
Affix gift tag, either tie onto the end of the ribbon or stick directly on to the gift.

Step 14
Repeat all of the above steps for the necessary number of gifts.

This method works best for square or rectangular shaped gifts, if you need to wrap an unusual shaped gift then place in a appropriately sized box prior to wrapping. If even after following this guide your wrapped gifts still look like a bad art student project then there are always gift bags.

Remember Charity At This Time Of Year.
We should always remember that unfortunately there are people and families not as fortunate as ourselves and that charitable donations are always welcome at the various worthwhile charities.

No matter how small whether it be money, clothes , or Xmas presents those gifts are truly appreciated.

We at Peraleja Golf Resort are running a Golf event where everyone has to bring toys or make a donation to the local orphanage in Murcia. We know that we have played a small part in making the childrens Xmas a lot better than it would have been.

I urge you all to make a small donation to a charity of your choice, I guarantee you will feel happier for doing so.

Wishing You A Merry Xmas And A Happy New Year
We hope you have enjoyed the Xmas Newsletter and as always if you require information about the property market in Murcia , Spain to do not hesitate to contact us or click onto for the largest selection of golf and beach properties in the Costa Calida.


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