Spring Sunshine Smiles Better For Spanish Property Buyers


The spring will be hotter and less rainy than normal across Spain, following the second driest winter of the 21st century and the fifth since 1965.

In a press conference organized to present the seasonal forecast, the water balance and an analysis of last winter, Delia Gutiérrez, spokesperson of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), announced that this spring will not bring changes compared to the winter.

With regard to the winter that has just ended, Gutiérrez stressed that it has been very dry. "It hasn't rained even half of what is usually recorded." Only 98 litres per square meter have fallen; 51 percent below the average.

With a superb climate and a cheap standard of living this is why so many Northern European buyers choose Spain to purchase their place in the sun.

If your dream is to have your own place in Spain let us help and assist you because this is what we love to do.

In this months newsletter we provide you with more property buying tips and the latest property offers to ensure you are kept up to date with the buoyant Spanish property market.

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Top Tips To Help You When Buying A Spanish Property.

Decide what lifestyle you want to have and then use this to narrow down your search to locations that meet your lifestyle expectations. For example if you want to enjoy a Spanish environment then stay away from a little Britain in the sun area and concentrate on Spanish towns or villages.

Buy for yourself nobody else, why buy a large 4 bed villa expecting all the family to visit at the same time when in reality it is unlikely to happen. If the family do decide to visit then you could always rent a property close by which would cost you less.

If you are wishing to do alterations to a property please ensure that you get all the licences and planning permissions from the town hall before you start. A reputable local builder will be able to do this on your behalf and never proceed work until you have the permissions.

Sometimes it is better to go over the budget and get exactly what you want as it will cost you less in costs in the future. With buying costs around 14% and selling costs about 9% you do not want to buy a property then sell and buy again paying around 23% in additional costs.

Always pay any deposits or stage payments direct to your Spanish lawyer and once the lawyers have done the due diligence they will the transfer the money and receive bank guarantees from the bank. There is always a paper trail and the lawyers will have records of all payments paid.

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How To Save Money If You Are Selling A Spanish Property.

When you sell a Spanish property it is very common for you to receive a bankers draft for the sale proceeds. Unfortunately what most sellers do not realise is that when they pay the bankers draft into their Spanish bank account they may be charged up to 1% of the bankers draft value. This can be a hefty amount for example a 150,000 Euros draft may cost you 1500 euros in bank charges for depositing your own money into your own account. I therefore recommend that you ask your bank what charges they would deduct before paying in the bank draft. I confirm that our recommended Currency Brokers have a special deal that you would not pay any charges for depositing the draft with them. For more information contact us now.

Buying Spanish Property Inland The Pros And Cons


Buying a Spanish property inland has many benefits and disadvantages and you have to consider what is the most important factor for you to purchase an inland property. Here is a small guide to the pros and cons.

Generally you will get a bigger property and plot for your budget compared to a coastal property.

Quieter locations and more of a Spanish way of life.

Cheaper town hall tax as less amenities.

Some cons of inland property.

Less amenities unless close to a local town.

Can get very cold in the winter compared to the coast and also can get very hot in the summer, a swimming pool is recommended for inland property as you will not have the beach close by.

A basic knowledge of the Spanish language would be required.

There are many factors that can make purchasing an inland property attractive but we recommend that you maybe rent inland for a period to experience the lifestyle before you purchase.

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Are You Delaying Your Dream Of Owning A Place In The Sun Why You Should Act Now.


If your dream is to purchase a place in the sun and you have the finance in place why are you delaying your dream.

Life is too short and it is easier to make excuses and delay purchasing a property whereas start living the dream now and appreciate every day.

Here are 6 reasons why you should pursue your dream and start enjoying the benefits of the Spanish way of life.

Sunshine makes you happy and with over 320 days of the year you have got a lot of happy days to enjoy.

Health benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle increase your lifespan and who does not want to increase their longevity.

The cheap cost of living in Spain means your hard earned money goes a lot further and you can enjoy the many activities and days out that you may not afford back home.

The pace of life in Spain is more relaxed which means less stress and a better well being.

Good accessibility into either Murcia or Alicante airports making it easy for you to travel.

Finally do not use Brexit as an excuse as I can guarantee the Spanish will still rely on British buying properties and they will not increase taxes whether the UK is in the EU or not. In fact now is the time to buy as I expect a rush of buyers who are delaying at present to enter the market as soon as Brexit has been finalised.

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This Months Selected Property Portfolio.

Bargain Investment 3 Bed Villa Cartagena City 55000 Euros

Apartment 2 Bed Frontline Condado De Alhama Golf 63000 Euros

Beach 2 Bed Apartment Torrevieja 94900 Euros

La Manga Strip Plot Of Land 105000 Euros

Modern 2 Bed Apartments With Sea Views 155400 Euros

Beach Duplex 2 Bed Mil Palmeras 160000 Euros

Modern 3 Bed Villa Vistabella 239900 Euros

Key Ready Modern Detached 3 Bed Villa La Marina 249900 Euros

Beach Modern Detached 3 Bed Villa Santiago De La Ribera 265000 Euros

Stunning Modern 4 Bed Villa Las Colinas Golf 1,260,000 Euros

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