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With the Brexit situation and the turbulent exchange rates no wonder prospective buyers are asking wherther now is the time to invest in spanish property.

Fortunately there are savvy buyers who are taking advantage of the uncertainty by purchasing spanish property from British sellers who can reduce their sale prices due to the fact that they will benefit from the exchange rates when transferring the euros back into sterling.

As always in uncertain times there are good opportunities and we can help you find these properties if you are currently looking to purchase a property in the sun.

Also in this months newsletter we provide you with the latest property news and tips and the best property buys, we hope you enjoy.


Top Five Buying Tips

1- Contact local reputable estate agents like Chersun and ask questions, estate agents love to provide the answers.

2- Be specific with your property wish list and budget good estate agents listen to what their clients want.

3- Have the finance in place before you come on a viewing trip.If you see a suitable property you need to act quick to secure the purchase.

4- Never transfer a large lump sum of money to a developer without a lawyer checking over the paperwork to ensure there are no issues.  

5- Finally ensure that you have buildings and contents insurance in place for the day of completion as this can be overlooked sometimes.


Why Give A Spanish Lawyer Power of Attorney

We always recommend to our clients to give power of attorney to a reputable spanish lawyer and here are the reasons why.

The lawyers can use the power of attorney to act on your behalf and they can apply for your spanish national insurance number.

Open a spanish bank account .

Complete the purchase or sale of a property in Spain.

Deal with utility companies and the tax office.

By granting power of attorney which costs around 90 euros you are saving time and money by not needing to fly over to Spain to arrange the above.


The Two Annual Taxes To Be Paid For Spanish Property

There are 2 annual taxes payable when you own a spanish property.

The annual town hall tax is payable each year to the town hall for the collection of the refuge and the street lighting. The costs will depend on your property but as example a 2 bed apartment will be approximately 300 euros.  

The other annual tax is non resident property tax and this would be approximately 250 euros per year. This is only payable if you are not a spanish resident which means that you do not live in Spain for more than 6 months of the year.


Selling Your Property Never Give Exclusivity To Only One Estate Agent

If you are looking to sell your spanish property we always recommend that you list with 2 or 3 estate agents as this will give you a better chance of selling the property. The estate agent who sells the property will be paid their fee and you can be assured that all the agents will be working hard to try and get you a buyer. If I was personally selling my property I would have 2-3 of the top estate agents listing the property and we never ask clients for exclusive rights.

If you do give exclusivity to one agent then the only person to benefit will be the agent and your chances of selling will reduce. If you are looking to sell your spanish property contact us now at


Another Happy Chersun Client

Ian Crawford - Retired Commercial Director of BP ,Bristol, UK

I did a lot of research into what property I wanted prior to going to Spain. I contacted various agents and arranged viewings during my visit. I firstly met Paul when he picked me up from my hotel and we set off for a full day of looking at properties, which I felt was going to a pretty daunting task. Paul had also done his homework and all of the properties I looked at were exactly the type I was interested in.

Although it was a very full day and we did cover a wide area, Paul was very informative and knowledgably about all the areas we visited, in addition the anecdotes he shared from his football days made the day thoroughly enjoyable, yes I am a football nut. In the end I found a stunning villa which totally suited my needs and when I asked if I could go back and visit it Paul said no problem. This was indicative of him, nothing was too much trouble. He kept telling me that this was his job but in my view he did much more than a job. I then cancelled all my other visits.

The following day we met up to go meet the developer (where I paid the deposit), then lawyers, notary and foreign exchange, again with Paul's help and knowledge all of these were made very easy.   I could not say enough about the professionalism from Chersun, from initial contact with Suzie and the many emails with properties to look at to and then the visit to Spain, at no time did I feel under pressure.  When I was dropped off at my hotel Paul stated that now I had bought the villa he would continue to support me through the buying process and afterwards, having had a great service I believe him and will take advantage of his offer.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chersun as being the first and right choice to help you find the property you require. Thanks Paul and Suzie for everything thus far.


Cycling With The Murcia Legend Alejandro Valverde

I was fortunate to meet up with the top spanish pro cyclist Alejandro Valverde of Team Movistar.

I was out cycling with friends in the beautiful mountain range Sierra Espuna in Murcia when we met up with Valverde who was out on a local training ride in preparacion for the Tour De France and La Vuelta. The Murcia region has great cycling routes to cater for all standards and with the smooth roads and sunny climate  it is an area to consider to purchase a property.If you want to mix it with the top spanish cyclists visit our website to see our great selection of properties


This Months Best Property Buys

3 Bed Semi Detached Villa , Country Location 99950 Euros

Beach Front 2 Bed Apartment La Manga 102,500 Euros

3 Bed Apartments La Serena Golf, Los Alcazares 145,000 Euros

Modern 3 Bed Villas, Villamartin From 179,000 Euros

Modern 3 Bed Detached Villas With Pool, Sucina 205,950 Euros

La Manga Club Sea View Executive Villa 3.59 Million Euros 

We have for you a great selection of properties to meet all criteria and budget and if you can provide us with your property wish list we will forward you a selection of suitable properties.

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