The Top 5 Tips To Prevent Getting Sunburn.

It is advisable to wear sunscreen with at least a factor 30 rating, smothering yourself in cooking oil will provide you with a few sleepless nights and your bed sheets will be covered in small flakes of your skin.

Always wear suitable clothing such as a wide brimmed hat or lightly coloured clothing, avoid black clothing as this attracts the heat more than light colors.

Stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day ie 11am -3pm, another excuse to visit the bar.

Avoid drinking alcohol as this usually results in falling asleep and wakening up on your sun lounger with third degree burns. Much better to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Finally make sure you wear sun glasses that have the standards marked to protect against UVA and ABV. The sunglasses that you can buy from the Looky Looky men on the beach may look designer but will provide your eyes with as much protection as a bit of clingfilm.

Spanish Property Prices Continue To Fall. There Has Never Been A Better Time To Buy.


In the first quarter of 2013, the price of housing in Spain recorded a fall of 12.8% over the same period of 2012, representing the largest decline among all the eurozone countries, where house prices dropped by 2.2%, and the European Union (EU), which experienced an average decrease of 1.4%, according to a statement issued by Eurostat.


The latest data published by the European statistical office shows that the year-on-year drop in housing prices in Spain, in the first three months of the year, is identical to the fourth quarter of 2012, but less than the 16.1% recorded in the third quarter and the 16% in the second.


In quarterly terms, the drop in housing prices in Spain was 5.1% in the first quarter, which was also the highest in the whole of the EU. Diario Sur reported that the average decline in the eurozone was 1%, and in the whole of the EU it was 0.6%.


Among the member states for which data are available, the largest increases in housing prices year-on-year were recorded in Estonia (+7.7%), Latvia (+7.2%), Luxembourg (+4.3%) and Sweden (+4.1%), while the largest declines were recorded in Spain (-12.8%), Hungary (-9.2%), Portugal (-7.3%) and the Netherlands (-7.2%).


Compared with the fourth quarter of 2012, the largest house price increases were recorded in Romania (+4.3%), Estonia (+3.1%) and Latvia and Slovakia (+2.3% in both cases), while the largest falls were registered in Spain (-5.1%), Cyprus (-4.8%), Hungary (-3.3%) and Portugal (-2.3%) .


With the great discounts available there has never been a better time to buy and to view the largest slection of best buys go to www.chersun.com

Hot European Weather Puts Potential Buyers On Hold.

Summer temperatures are soaring, and not just in Spain but for most of Europe.


It's no secret that virtually every foreign buyer of Spanish property has weather at, or near, the top of their list of reasons for making a purchase in Spain.


And we can commonly correlate a measurable fall and rise in the number of visitors to www.chersun.com based on how good or bad weather is in the rest of Europe - it's pretty clear that when good weather is enjoyed at home, there are fewer dreams of moving to sunnier climes.


Yet, as well as the lure of guaranteed sunshine, an appealing culture and relaxed lifestyle means that Spain is still expected to see record visitor numbers this year.


With the weather as a "hot" topic, the overall sales patter for Spanish property this summer is definitely that of high temperatures and low prices, and one of this week's news stories underlined how far prices have fallen in recent times.

Murcia Town Hall Increase Buying Taxes On Resale Properties.

The Murcia Town Hall have increased the IVA Tax on resale properties from 7% of the purchase price to 8%. This is in line with other regions of Spain such as Valencia and Madrid.

With the Town Halls all trying to increase revenue this is another way to increase income. The Town Halls have all obviously been affected by the drop in property prices and therefore the taxes payable on house sales have also reduced significantly.

The taxes on buying brand new properties direct from developers remains at 10% of the Sale Price.

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The Top Six Tips If Visiting Spain In August When The Spanish Are On Holiday

Best time to go to the large supermarkets is between 2pm - 4pm when all the Spanish are having a siesta, avoid supermarkets between 7pm -9pm unless you want a trolley over your foot and bruised shins.

If looking for a quiet holiday do not rent a property next to spanish , it is not
uncommon for the annual family domino and card nights to go onto 6am .

Do not hit the motorways after 9pm when the Spanish are returning home after a day at the beach , it is whacky races and not for the faint hearted .

Always give the bar person a good tip after your first drink, this will pay dividends as the next measures of alcohol in your next round of drinks will be very generous.

Always take your passport if paying by credit card, the Spanish require ID before accepting payment , it is not funny having to unpack your shopping trolley in a busy spanish supermarket with 30 spanish shoppers onlooking thinking stupid Britsh tourist.

Finally remember you are in Spain where everything is taken in a slower pace so please please be patient when you feel that urge to shout out " Hurry Up"

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