DECEMBER 2013 - BIG XMAS NEWS FROM CHERSUN PROPERTIES THE BIG XMAS NEWS FROM CHERSUN What a quick year 2013 has been ,we hope that it has been a successful and profitable year for you and your family. With the festive season around the corner you can look forward to spending a bit more time with the family and enjoying the festivities. There is no better time of the year especially for the children. We wish you and your family a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest property news from sunny Murcia,Spain. Best wishes Paul , Nicola and Suzanne . CHINESE AND RUSSIANS SHOW INTEREST IN SPAINS GOLDEN VISA The beaches were once enough to lure buyers to southern Europe. A shattering economic crisis later, Spain is trying to resurrect their moribund property markets by offering "golden" residence permits to home buyers from outside the European Union. Buyers from China, Russia, the Middle East or elsewhere who spend at least 500,000 euros on real estate get a permit that lets them travel freely within Europe's 26-country Schengen zone without restriction. The incentives, along with depressed housing prices, are showing the first signs of nibbling at the huge market glut of 1 million empty homes in Spain.. The most eager customers, real estate agents and lawyers say, are Chinese and Russians, who have been flocking to Europe for their holidays for more than a decade. In Spain, adverts for homes and other tourist attractions are being translated for Russian and Chinese property portals. Websites in China and Russia offering properties from 80,000 euro flats to 15 million euro villas tout Spain's beaches, bars and restaurants, cultural attractions and universities, plus close air links to European capitals. "Spaniards are very interested in selling to the Chinese. The reality is that right now in Spain they're interested in selling to whoever," said Araceli Morales from company Vender A Chinos (Sell to the Chinese), which translates adverts. Chinese buyers are attracted by city and holiday property outside their own overpriced market, where they cannot hold land rights indefinitely, as a means to diversify their assets. They are also taking advantage of the yuan's strength against the euro, according to the Hispanic-Chinese Business Council. We at Chersun have already started to advertise to the Chinese via Chinese Property Portals and we have already clients booked in January to view. We have also employed a Chinese speaking consultant as my grasp of the chinese in limited to ordering food. THANKS TO ALL THE SPONSORS FOR THE CHARITY BIKE RIDE IN AID OF THE MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION A big thank you to all the sponsors who helped raise over 2400 euros for the very worthy Make A Wish Charity . I managed to complete the 92km bike ride over the mountains in Murcia, Spain. and all for a great cause. Once again thanks for your generosity. LOOKING TO BUY A SPANISH PROPERTY HERE IS YOUR COMPLIMENTARY GUIDE ON HOW TO BUY A PROPERTY SAFELY. As a member firm of the Association Of Property Professionals I have below for you a link to the useful guide published by the AIPP entitled " HOW TO BUY OVERSEAS PROPERTY SAFELY . I am sure that the guide will provide you with more information about the pros and cons of purchasing overseas property and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or require more information FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BUYING CONTACT or telephone 0034 610914850 BILL GATES INVESTS OVER 113.5 MILLION EUROS INTO SPANISH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has made a big bet on the recovery of Spain's construction sector by becoming the second-largest shareholder in FCC, a Spanish builder hit hard by the collapse of a decade-long property bubble five years ago. Shares in FCC, whose main shareholder is the heiress and philanthropist Esther Koplowitz, rose almost 10 per centy to €17.20 after the company said it had sold 6 per cent of its treasury shares to funds connected to Mr Gates for €113.5m. Spain's government was quick to link the investment with rising confidence in the country's economy, with Madrid having recently raised its growth forecasts for next year in an expected exit from recession. José Manuel Soria, Spain's industry minister, told Spanish radio that the Gates' investment demonstrated that the country's economy now generated "greater confidence and credibility". PARAMOUNT THEME PARK IN MURCIA TO START CONSTRUCTION IN JANUARY 2014. It has been confirmed that the construction of the Paramount Theme Park in Murcia will start at the beginning of January 2014. The contracts for the construction work have been awarded to Ferrovial Agroman a multi national company based in Madrid. The contract for 52 million euros will enable the first phase to be completed and opening end of 2015. For more information about this exciting development click OFF PLAN BACK IN FAVOUR AS MODERN PROPERTIES BEING SNAPPED UP BY BUYERS There has been an increase in demand for modern designed properties following the release of new contemporary style developments located close to the coast. The buyers of today are looking for more open and bright properties along with mod cons such such smart home technology and under floor heating. The most popular developments are within walking distance of all amenities and a good choice of bars and restaurants. Most buyers nowadays do not wish to have to get in a car to get to their nearest shop or restaurant. We have below the most popular modern developments that cater for all budgets. Modern Villa on 5 Star Golf Resort -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Las%20Colinas%20Golf%20Resort||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|0|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=3 Beach Apartments 300 M To La Zenia Boulevard Shopping Mall -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Beach%20Properties||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|0|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=8 Penthouse Beach Properties -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Beach%20Properties||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|0|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=5 Modern Apartments With Sea views -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Beach%20Properties||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|0|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=1 Villas Within Walking Distance to The Marina -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Beach%20Properties||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|0|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=8 5 Bed Sea View Villa -|10|0|100000|300000|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Beach%20Properties||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|2602|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=5 Two Bedroom Villa From 131000 Euros -|10|0|100000|0|99999998|0|0|3|3|1|1|1|Non%20Golf%20Resort||2|11|0|2|1||2||||285|0:2147483647:0|2602|1|1|66::&propertyNumOnPage=2 For more information about the above properties contact or telephone direct 0034 610914850. NEARLY HALF OF SPANISH BELIEVE HOUSING PRICES WILL STABILISE IN 2014 AS SOME NOTARIES ARE WITNESSING PRICE INCREASES IN SOME AREAS OF SPAIN. DO NOT MISS THE BEST BUYS IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING A SPANISH PROPERTY The perception that the housing market is nearing the end of its adjustment is gaining popularity. According to the Consumer Confidence Indicator for November, prepared by the Centre for Sociological Research, 46.4% of those surveyed think that housing prices will stabilise over the next year. This is nearly 10 percentage points higher than that registered a year ago when, in December 2012, only 37.1% were of this opinion with regard to property prices. In addition, at that time, up to 52.7% of those questioned expected further drops in the price of houses, while currently only 36.6% believe that this depreciation in prices will continue. 7.4% even predict that prices will rise, which is 2.5 points more than in 2012. This general feeling that housing prices could be nearing the end of their fall coincides with some statistics released in recent weeks. On the one hand, the Ministry of Development reported that during the third quarter of 2013, homes recorded their lowest drop since 2010 - even becoming more expensive in several regions - and on the other, the Notaries are also already beginning to talk of increases in property values. Given this possible outlook, the desire to acquire a home is beginning to grow, albeit very slightly. El Mundo reported that, according to the November Consumer Confidence Indicator, 3.8% of respondents indicated that they "plan to buy a home in the next year", which is a significant increase over the last month of 2012, when only 2.1% said they would be willing to take that step. ONCE AGAIN WE WISH YOU ALL A MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM US ALL AT CHERSUN PROPERTIES - THE INFORMATIVE ESTATE AGENCY