I am not sure if you agree but the time seems to be flying past even quicker this year. We eagerly await for travel restrictions to be lifted so that you can travel back to Spain for a holiday or to begin your search for your place in the sun.With time flying by it is even more important not to delay what you wish to do in life. We are seeing this by the number of clients that are desperate to visit us so that we can help and assist them in finding their Spanish property making their dreams become reality.
Here in the Murcia region life goes on as normal with access to bars, restaurants, shops however we are restricted to travelling out of the region. The obligatory face mask is not an issue now as we have been used to searching for it and wearing it from the start of the pandemic. Life is slowly returning back to normality and one thing that is guaranteed here is the sun which makes you feel better each day.
Meanwhile in this months newsletter we keep you updated with the latest Spanish property news, buying tips and the latest property offers.
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Property Prices Remain Stable As Coastal Locations In Demand
The Spanish property prices in the coastal locations have remained stable as these areas will always attract more international buyers than the inland locations. We have also seen demand for beach properties from Spanish buyers as they seek a property that can be used all year. The benefits of a beach property throughout the year is that in the winter the temperatures are warmer than inland and also the cooler winds from the sea in the summer make it more pleasant for the hot summer months. The downside to beach properties is that they tend to be more expensive than inland locations but as we know it is all about location, location, location.
Here are some popular beach locations below to consider.
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Visa Requirements To Move To Spain For Retirement
With Brexit changing the requirements for British nationals looking to move over to Spain to retire, here is a quick overview of some of the new regulations.
It is required that you have an amount of 25817 euros deposited in a Spanish bank account and a further 6454 euros for each family member.
Each Family member must have private health insurance
You must provide a Certificate confirming that you have not had a criminal record in the last 5 years.
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Buy A Spanish Property For The Lifestyle Not As A Rental Investment Property
With British owners of Spanish property now having to pay 24% Spanish tax on the gross rental amount and with no allowance for the running costs or wear or tear of the property means that investment returns have decreased dramatically.
We therefore strongly recommend that potential buyers of Spanish property should view the purchase as a lifestyle investment and not as a pure rental investment property as there are probably better returns to be made by investing in a UK property.
There is still a market for rental properties but with the new tax rules for non EU owners the yields have reduced but if you can still receive a rental income to cover the running costs of the property and you can also have the use of the property then this is more of a lifestyle property purchase.
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Selling Your Spanish Property Checklist
Always ensure that you have all the necessary documentation such as title deeds, licences for any home improvements and the swimming pool licence if required.
The local town hall tax and all utility bills should be paid to date along with the community fees and certificates issued.
If you have a mortgage find out what the redemption amount is for this to be paid off.
An energy performance certificate is required by law and this can be arranged here - www.epc-spain.com
The more information that you can provide your lawyers will make the sales process much easier and faster therefore keeping the buyer happy. For more information about selling your property in Spain, contact us now at www.chersun.com
We like to treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated ourselves therefore it is always nice to get feedback from clients and Mr John Clancy kindly left a comment confirming the recommendation.
"I can certainly give Paul a very high recommendation regarding the information you gave me on a buying trip to Spain. First class advice
From a top bloke"
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