Useful telephone numbers for around the area.

The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency services - medical, fire and police. Call 112 from any phone (mobile or fixed-line) to be automatically connected to the local emergency services

112 can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:

Serious medical problems (accident, unconscious person, severe injuries, chest pain, seizure) 

Any type of fire (house, car) 

Life-threatening situations (crimes)

Emergency Doctor

Tel: 1003 

Emergency Hospitals

Hospital General Universitario Los Arcos del Mar Menor

Paraje Torre Octavio, 54, 30739, San Javier

Tel: 968 56 50 00


Hospital J.M. Morales Meseguer

At: Av. Marqués de los Vélez, s/n. 30008 Murcia

Tel: 968 36 09 00


Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca

At: Ctra. Madrid-Cartagena s/n, 30120 El Palmar

Tel: 968 369 500


Hospital General de Area Santa María del Rosell

At: Pº Alfonso XIII 61, 30203 Cartagena

Tel: 968 504 800

24 Hour Pharmacies

*Please note that all pharmacies work on a rota bases for opening 24h. They have this on their window or door.


Farmacia Luis Cano Cerón

At: C/ Juan de la Cosa, 7 esq. Paseo Alfonso XIII, 30203 Cartagena  Tel: 968 506 883


Farmacia Manuel Montaner Iñesta

At: Alam. Ramón y Cajal, 8, 30800 Lorca  Tel: 968 467 164


Farmacia Sandoval Barnuevo

At: Pza. Martínez Tornel, 1, 30000 Murcia  Tel: 968 211 849


Farmacia Sánchez Sánchez

At: Rector J. Loustau, Edif. Leo, Acceso Por C/ Principal,

30009 Murcia  Tel: 968 245 319


Farmacia Sánchez Puche

At: Avda. Libertad Edif. Cónsul, 30009 Murcia Tel: 968 295 925


Farmacia Amat Fernández

At: C/ C. Del Castillo, Esq. C/ Garzón Santiago de la Ribera,

30720 San Javier  Tel: 968 179 289


Farmacia Hernández Ramón

At: C/ Francisco Franco Nº 287 Santiago de la Ribera,

30720 San Javier  Tel: 968 182 987