Mazarron is situated to the west of the historic city of Cartagena. The climate of Mazarron is characterised by mild winters and warm summers. Spend a day sailing to discover the 35 kilometres of untouched beaches and coves, or try the beach based activities such as sailing, windsurfing, water and jet ski-ing. Stroll around the fish port and fish market, and also see the 6th century castle and churches, ancient watchtower in Marraon itself which is a few miles inland. Out and about head to Ciudad Encantada - an enchanted town. If you are visiting Mazarron in summer, you can enjoy mountain walking, sailing, sub-aqua activities, live-music concerts and even street parties! Local cuisine is as famous as its beaches. Rice with lobster, Mazarrón sea bass baked with pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes, and garnished with pine nuts are a few of the local specialities to taste. The Port Of Mazarrón Offers a perfect setting for scuba diving. The beach has a lighthouse that luminates the entire coast at night and offers spectacular views of the entire coastal line.